After 30 years building the Jewish community in St. Louis, Missouri, Rabbi Elazar Grunberger made aliyah in 2012 and established Lev Echad, an educational umbrella for fostering Jewish unity and connection through the study of Torah wisdom and values.

Lev Echad’s flagship program is LifeWisdom, the popular Torah study booklets geared for one-on-one learning. LifeWisdom covers topics of universal interestLove, Happiness, Success, etc. LifeWisdom presents the classical Jewish sources (e.g. Midrash, Rambam, Maharal) and thoughtful discussion questions.

Initial testing and response has been highly enthusiastic, with synagogues, schools, and adult education programs finding LifeWisdom a powerful way to attract interest, increase engagement, transmit authentic Torah, and create unity.

LifeWisdom booklets are also available in Hebrew, with LifeWisdom study groups springing up across Israel.

We invite you to join in our mission to engage and inspire today’s generation of Jews.