What is LifeWisdom?
Top-quality Torah-study booklets that present relevant and engaging Jewish sources (e.g. Tanach, Talmud, Rambam, Maharal), along with thoughtful discussion questions.

What topics are covered?
LifeWisdom explores relevant, universal topics through a Torah lens: Love, Happiness, Pleasure, Success, Marriage, Parenting.

What is the study format?
Similar to Partners in Torah, LifeWisdom is chavrusa-stylepersonable, engaging, and interactivewhere comments and observations are welcomed and valued.

What background or preparation is necessary?
LifeWisdom booklets are ready-to-go, requiring no prior knowledge or preparation. They are a perfect follow-up to Shabbos Project, High Holidays, Israel trip, etc.

Is there a specific religious or political slant?
LifeWisdom booklets are neither observance-based nor controversial. We depict the wisdom, depth and beauty of Torahwith content and language that resonates with every Jew, on any level.

Who can participate in LifeWisdom?
Everyone! Tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and relatives to come join this “Jewish unity platform” where Jews of all backgrounds study together in a spirit of mutual exploration and discussion.

What is the pace of study?
Each booklet contains 16-20 pages; each page is a mini-topic with sources and discussion questions. There is no preset pace or timetable in getting through the material. On average, a booklet is completed in 3 sessions.

How do I bring LifeWisdom to my city?
It’s easy! We supply you with beautiful sets of LifeWisdom booklets, plus a customizable Marketing Kit to promote the program. Our team will walk you through the steps to ensure a successful program. Contact us for details.